PERU PASSION TOURS is a boutique DMC that offers you the chance to experience Peru in the most authentic way!


We are specialists in customized – top luxury tours, providing handcrafted service to satisfy the most demanding client.

To achieve the above, we count with experienced trip architects, that not only know in detail the products we offer and the needs of our clients, but most importantly we all have passion for the excellence in service and to show the vast richness of our country to all of our guests.

Our understanding of each culture’ philosophy and the needs of each market, is supported by the preference of our clients, that our best guarantee.

Let us list a sample of reasons of why Peru has it all for everyone:


  • The archeological richness of our history.
  • The bio-diversity of our territory.
  • The millenary and colorful traditions that still live among our people.
  • Our amazing natural scenarios in the Amazon basin, the Andean Range and the coastal strip.
  • The perfect place to practice almost every possible soft adventure activity.
  • The delicacy of the Peruvian gastronomy.
  • The friendliness of our people.
  • … and much more to discover! Just let us help you design your dream package.


Let us host you to show you how we make it!

I always loved to travel, and working in tourism for 15 years, I have had the chance to visit many Peruvian cities and attractions. My favourite destination is the Tambopata National Reserve in Puerto Maldonado, because of its endless forests, serpentine rivers and amazing natural life… without doubts, the capital of bio-diversity in Peru. It is ideal to enjoy it with the family and I would definitely return again and again and again!
I studied Service Management, starting my professional career in different hospitality companies till I turned to tourism 19 years ago, and it fascinated me! I am so glad I know different sites in Peru, but there are still some pending on the list! Picking just one favourite site is hard: I love Lima because of its museums and gastronomy; but I also love Puno and its amazing people; Arequipa and its endless blue sky and culinary richness… I love hiking so Cusco and its uncountable routes are also part of my list. There are so many beautiful places in Peru that picking just one, is so hard to me.
I consider myself as a travel lover since I was a child; I always loved to know new sites, making new friends and learn about the costumes of each place, specially their folklore. Fortunately, along these 9 years working in tourism, I have had the chance to explore new destinations to recharge energy, good vibes and full of new experiences to share. I love outdoor activities and interact with local communities. Each Peruvian destination is unique, but my heart belongs to Amazonas because of its beautiful landscapes, enigmatic culture and the kindness of its people
My name is Karla and I am so lucky I was born in the land of the Incas; the navel of the world; the centre of universe! I studied tourist management and have a degree in management of travel agencies and I am already 21 years in business. Peru and specially Cusco, are tourist destinations that can provide unforgettable experiences to travellers!
My restless and adventurous spirit, inspired me to study this beautiful career. Along these 10 years working in tourism, I have had the opportunity to know different and fantastic places not only in Peru but worldwide. I particularly love the Titicaca Lake because of its nature beauty that is unique; and I always appreciate the affability and good mood of its people that make my trip, an unforgettable experience.
Apart from the leisure purposes, travelling is an activity full of learning. Every time that I had the chance to know other destinations, I did exchange experiences, culture and language with the locals. Moreover, thanks to these opportunities, I changed my perspective about several aspects and it also recharge my vitality willing to move forward. I love the nature and there is nothing better than being in a small boat having a rainforest lagoon before your eyes, the welcome of the tropical weather and the warmth of the small tribes.
My traveller and adventurous spirit, inspired me to study this beautiful career. Since I was girl I loved to travel, to know and to value the variety of the tourist attractions of Peru. I love many places, but Huancayo and Pucallpa are at the top of my list. Places that dazzle me a lot because of the variety of the views they offer, the exquisite local food, their culture, among others. Without doubt, I would return once and again to these destinations to create more unforgettable experiences.